Feb 26, 2012

Wine stop motion - Wlsk

Este es mi último film, espero que les guste. Me gustaría escuchar algunos comentarios y opiniones sobre el mismo.


This is my last film. I hope you like it. I’d like to hear some comments a opinions.

This is my first stop motion film. I tried to add a surreal environment with the movement of the objects, and create some tension and a psychotic feeling with the soundtrack.

I shot this with a Bolex in 16mm black and white stock. I edited this in a flat bed first to get rid of the over exposed sections and then in digital. This is not an HD transfered version, this was transfered from film to a dv tape, and then to the computer, and edited in final cut. It was exported as HD from final cut. 
I recorded the sounds with an ipod touch and others are non copyrighted sounds from freesounds.org